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Enjoy the Hisense AT182CB split air conditioner in your favorite space while saving money thanks to its inverter technology. The combination of four filters can effectively remove all kinds of dust and odors in the air and make indoor air fresh.

Based on the dual mode of inverter technology, you can press the "ECO" button and the air conditioner will immediately enter the energy saving mode to minimize power consumption. You can select 3 kinds of ECO mode and save energy consumption up to 65% compared to regular mode.

The PFC control technology of the outdoor unit can achieve voltage compensation under low voltage conditions and the PC indoor unit can protect the unit from lightning. In case of power failure, when the power supply returns, the air conditioner automatically returns to the previous operation mode.

It can be set to 4 different modes that will give you a more comfortable sleeping environment. The fan speed is automatically set to low and the air conditioner will automatically stop working after being active for 8 hours. 

By pressing the "super" button, the air conditioner is not affected by the ambient temperature, and always operates at maximum power and air volume to quickly reduce the indoor temperature. By pressing the "I Feel" button, you can achieve intelligent temperature control and improve room conditions.

  • Cooling capacity: 17000 Btu/h
  • Power input-Cooling: 1755 W
  • Moisture removal: 2 L/H.r
  • Air Circulation: 880 m3/h
  • SEER for Cooling: 3 Btu/h/W
  • Voltage, frequency, phase: 230V~,60Hz,1P
  • Comfortable airflow (cooling): Yes
  • Fan speed control (cooling / heating): Yes, 3 fan speeds + Super + Quiet
  • Sleep function: 4 sleep modes
  • Net Dimensions WxHxD (mm): Indoor Unit 890×300×220
  • Net Dimensions WxHxD (mm): Outdoor unit 6715×482×240

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